Comment: Where The Money Went by Willis E. Stone...

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Where The Money Went by Willis E. Stone...

Author Of The Liberty Amendment 1971

My wife knew I would want to read this book when it came into our store, and she was right! I just finished it, and I can now proudly say that Wyoming knew what ailed the country a long time ago.... "1959 - In February, Wyoming became the first State to pass a Resolution for the Liberty Amendment. The predominantly Democratic House approved it and the Republican Senate concurred without a single dissent."

Chapter 45 sums up nearly the entirety of the book: "The forty three bureaucratic empires described on the preceding pages cover a wide variety of attacks upon the Constitution and the people who assume they were protected by it." Guess what number forty three, the keystone, was? Yep, THE scheme.

And in chapter 44, a mere half-dozen paragraphs before the words I just quoted, is a quote that shows how it always politics as usual: "When the national debt ceiling is increased (about twice a year) the bonds are printed, and most are deposited with the "system" as a credit against which FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES are issued as money. Thus billions of tax dollars are paid the "banks" as interest each year for holding bonds to offset the inflationary issues of printing-press money."

I'm going to remind the local party members about the Liberty Amendment when we get together after the New Year to recommend the top three candidates for County Treasurer for the County Commissioners to review.

It sure would be nice to once again fire up the drive for the Liberty Amendment, the time sure is right!