Comment: in a nation whose Lord is NOT the God of the Bible...

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in a nation whose Lord is NOT the God of the Bible... the hearts of professing Christians who serve money and elevate SELF to the throne of righteousness; their progressive pastors like Rick Warren and Joel Osteen and anyone who else will sit down for a "civil discussion" with proud homosexuals like Anderson Cooper after the Supreme Court overturns California's Prop 8 by a vote of 6-3, and DOMA by a vote of 5-4, about how the God of the Bible ignores the filth of our society as evidenced by the increase of Federal Reserve notes floating around, and the material gains of the "poor" through benevolent government statist policies; of course homosexual marriage, pedophelia, abortion, and eventually more euthanasia for compassionate purposes by cruel methods for economic reasons will ALL be tolerated and lauded...and those who dare to be bold and speak up will be placed in internment camps for slave labor.

We are a Romans 1 nation, given over to our lusts; because we have chosen Christian leadership that damns and deceives their flock to a devil's hell.