Comment: It's Time for the Republican Party to Die!

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It's Time for the Republican Party to Die!

It's terribly unwise to judge politicians by what they say rather than what they do. Rand Paul is an establishment guy who's for all those things the gang wants while telling you the opposite. My guess is that the Republicans will lose again in 2016 because we weren't successful in dethroning the crooks that we've been calling the "establishment GOP".

Don't worry about it if you think I'm wrong. It's not worth debating. If Rand Paul really is a serious deal, they won't let him succeed. So, if he has a real shot at the R nomination, then he's not the real deal. If he is the real deal, he won't be the R nominee.

Oh Gosh! Got to jump on the bandwagon because I didn't do it last time? No thanks. A Republican Party candidate will get my vote and support when one comes along who deserves it. The way things look right now, that won't be any time soon. If you don't want another four years with a Democrat in the White House, it's time, right now, to start working toward getting a third party candidate in line for a serious run.

Correlation does not prove causality!