Comment: What is support?

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What is support?

How many people would support (INSERT ANY NAME IN THE WORLD HERE, OR EVEN MAKE A NAME UP) if he/she was the only liberty candidate running in (INSERT ANY POLITICAL RACE IMAGINABLE HERE)?

Uh, yeah. Depending on how broadly one interpets the word "support", just about anybody would get the support of a majority of people around here under the circumstances laid out in the question.

Not only would I not do all the things I did for Ron, like phone-banking and donating a fair amount of my small income, I probably wouldn't even have voted for him in the primaries, because I had to take Saturdays off from work this year to do that for Ron, costing me even more money. We ended up in a close battle with the Santorum peeps at the county primaries, with about 25 solid votes on either side. With every recount into the night, it was more clear that everything would be decided by 1 or 2 voters. If it were Rand, I wouldn't have been there. Partly because of work, and partly because of other reasons. I kind of had to move some heaven and earth to get there. Now THAT is what I think of when I think of the word "support".

So what happened? Ron won the district, with I believe 11 of 15 delegates.