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According to on-site rescue and recovery personnel,

some bodies were found still strapped in their seats.
A Global Hawk has neither the mass nor the speed to cause the damage inflicted at the Pentagon.
There is no evidence of an explosive device or warhead in the nature of the damage. The damage clearly shows something with a central mass, with horizontal extensions of that mass, which contained a volatile liquid, crushed the outer wall of the building and traveled deep within the building on the lower two floors, leaving the floors above relatively untouched.
Dozens of photographs show an abundance of shredded airplane parts.
I'm not sure how anyone can overlook all this evidence, but to each his own.
Now a question. If Rumsfeld were part of a plot to eliminate an office working on "missing" trillions, why would he announce the day before trillions were "missing"? Wouldn't it make more sense to just kill off the people who were "hot on the trail" and shut up about it?

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