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Comment: Freudian defense mechanism.

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Freudian defense mechanism.

When outside forces put one in an uncomfortable situation, the body has the following mechanisms to cope: 1) stress; 2) mental defense mechanisms;

Scapegoats are the easiest way to releive the anxiety. For example, Ron Paul's ideas of liberties (as he presents them) do not sell well unless we are under bad economy. Since RP offers to take care of millitary personnel, veterans and their stress syndrome, most of those folks had come over. RP does not extend such an offer to trade unions at larger. Otherwise, they too would be here.

Now, how one of these soldiers, students with debt and veterans who wasted their youth can complain about themselves, their parents and their neighbors? They would sound weak and inferior. On the other hand, blaming a scapegot (government, bankers, zionists, illuminati, etc.) becomes a coping mechanism that justifies his particular situation and relief him from personal responsibilities (it is not I who killed Iraqis, it is neo-cons who forced me.) This is the same as workers used to blame greedy capitalists for their hard work and low pay.