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Comment: They are not the only ones snooping

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They are not the only ones snooping

To all you parents out there with children 12 years and up, Do Not leave them alone in the MD's office.

Took my 17.5 year old (autistic granddaughter) for her physical yesterday. They were more interested in whether she was having sex than doing an exam. It was like they could not believe there was a 17 year old that did not have a boyfriend, and had never kissed a boy. Every time she answered no the MD would rephrase it.

Thank God I prepared her for this before we went. Also told her they would ask if she would be more comfortable if her grandmother left the room. Gotta love kids that are aspergers. They just come out and say exactly what they think.

When the MD asked if me leaving the room would make her more comfortable, she said "Actually I will feel a lot more comfortable if you stopped asking me personal questions that are not your business"

I thought I would faint! Guess what the MD said to her? Well I can see your a lot like your grandmother. He actually started laughing.

Then she told him he couldn't look at her breasts, or private areas.

We both agreed her next visit should be with his female Nurse Practitioner.

I am so glad my kid is no longer in the public school system. These people have absolutely no respect for parental rights.