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Then you need to make sure you attend the LP Convention as a delegate and support the candidate of your liking. Don't be one of these people who watch the LP nomination contest from the sidelines, then turn around when it's over and blame every Libertarian for a horrible candidate (i.e. Bob Barr) grabbing up the nomination.

If you like Johnson and don't attend the conventions to support him, don't say "the LP really blew it this time" when he doesn't get the nomination. If you're a pro-life libertarian and don't attend the conventions to delegate for a pro-life candidate, don't talk smack when a pro-choice candidate wins the nomination. If you are anti-tax and don't attend the convention in support of a better plan, don't pound your fist when a fair tax or flat tax candidate arrives with enough delegates to win the nomination. Open borders or secure borders? Marriage equality or separation of marriage and state? No matter what the issue is, who wins and who loses is decided by those who actually show up. That's one lesson everyone should've learned from their experience in the RP run - winning is often a matter of just showing up when it really counts.

Like the lottery, you got to play to win.