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Ties to bonding?

Many people think in terms of a zero sum game, which means that there is only so much to go around and therefore the human condition is always going to be a Master/Slave, Haves/Have-nots, Employer/Employee, Criminal/Victim, Financier/Worker, Lender/Borrower, Creditor/Debtor, etc. condition of life.

That is far from the truth, and another aspect, or accurate measure, of the POWER of falsehood.

The demand for destruction is supplied by those worst people who choose to gain their power through deception, threats of violence, and violence upon the productive people, or each other, meaning either/or the criminals target the source of POWER, which are the Honest Productive People, or the criminals feed off of each other in their self made hell on earth, their race to the bottom, where POWER is made scarce on purpose for their exclusive profit.

That is why POWER is made scarce, because failure by the criminals to make POWER scarce leaves too much POWER too affordable and the victims are thereby too POWERFUL to be vulnerable, and that is the reason for the Zero Sum Game LIE.

Had the Legal Banking Monopoly POWER, Legal Crime, not contained the North American experiment in a Democratic Federated Republic as they threw it out, throwing out The Articles of Confederation, and as they put in place a Counterfeit version, under their Constitution, what would have been the TOTAL SUM of productive power produced over these last 224 years since 1788?

It can be said that the TOTAL SUM of productive power cannot be measured accurately, but that too is a lie.

If every person on the Planet Earth is counted and that number is divided into the food supply alone, with no other measure, there is then an accurate measure of the standard of living and the cost of living, since there are people starving and for what?

Not just a few people who supposedly fall through the cracks of human moral conscience, not just people who are too stupid to actually feed themselves, but millions of people who are targeted for exploitation, and those victims are starved to death slowly.

The Zero Sum Game LIE suggest that there is not enough food to go around, and all someone has to do is spend an afternoon at a Las Vegas Buffet to see just how false that Zero Sum Game is, in measurable fact.

That is a measure of only the food supply as a total measure of POWER on Earth, which is not a Zero Sum Game without criminals stealing POWER and then using that stolen POWER to steal more POWER.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, the National Debt Clock Real Time Official, and the growing, supposed, Global Debt Official Account, proves that there are vast amounts of POWER commanded by a very few people, and that POWER was stolen, and that POWER is not being consumed in the work of stealing more, which in a word is War.

Simple math proves the case where as much POWER consumed in perpetrating immoral, criminal, but "legal", WAR, could be employed int the work that consumes power at the start of the day so as to have more power at the end of the day, instead of consuming power at the start of the day, to destroy so much life and "property" (POWER).

Another tie to this may be that Bonding Issue, whereby each new member of the Legal Crime business generates a new insurance policy, which is Legal Money in a Bank, held in case of future costs associated with claims against that legal person and that legal bond.

If all those bonds are added up, how much POWER is thereby taken out of the economic circuit, and no longer being employed to produce more POWER, and no longer being used for any other reason than "for a raining day", that may never arrive? What is done with those bonds after the bonded person is no longer, for any reason, covered by that bond - where does all the money go then?