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Comment: Death by Competition?

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Death by Competition?

"What do you guys think? I'm looking to publicise the idea maybe set up a Youtube account. Explore other peoples ideas potential problems and solutions ect."

Liberated people, in their own minds, tend to have a hard time avoiding the criminals who make their crimes legal. An example is the case where many Liberated people left England for North America during that colonization period.

There was a period of time when Liberated people did compete and kill the Legal Crime business, We The People defeated and drove out the bad guys who were then calling themselves The British.

That period of time ended in 1788, when the Legal Criminals took over, and since then Liberated people have been finding it to be very difficult to compete against Legal Crime.

Now, how bad it is, when Liberated people are finding fewer places to run from Legal Crime?

Boat people?

As if that has not happened already?

I think the Peter Thiel idea can work to show how competition works, and if such competitive examples Liberate the minds of enough people, then there won't be any need for Liberated people, who are Liberated in their own minds, to live on water, since We The People can retake our POWER over our own government including retaking our POWER over our own money.

If people are moving off-shore to get away from something, do those people who move off-shore start using their own money, and if not, what exactly do they think they are running away from?