Comment: Yes, but that is a Royal human (aka, part reptile).

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Yes, but that is a Royal human (aka, part reptile).

Everyone else is just a worthless eater.

Fact is you could probably end abortion altogether if we could just strip the Royal families of their multi-national corporate holdings and send them all to Guantanamo or some prison camp.

Can you imagine all Royals being forcibly worked on a work-release program making half of minimum wage and half of their slave-wage for restitution running the cash register at a McDonalds.

Make them all get credit cards and incur increasing debt every month (exactly the way they treat the weakest among us). Of course truly the weakest are the unborn.

Maybe Kate should have an abortion if the prince can't support her without turning to British tax payers to subsidize their lifestyle.

But even that child deserves better than the lack of mercy the Royals show their subjects.