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You made my wife and I laugh ProudAmerican :)

I've changed A LOT over the past few years. I used to work on a Military base and never questioned ANYTHING the Government did and I was very diligent about obeying all laws, rules, and regulations regardless of if I thought they were unnecessary or stupid.

Since I took the red pill, I now either question just about everything the Government does or automatically assume that whatever the Government says or does is the exact opposite of the reason they provide AND I do everything I can to completely ignore The State without being arrested and/or put in a cage.

Where I used to think the police were on the side of the people, I now view them as a well funded, gang of bullies and thieves that spend all their time cruising around our city looking for their next innocent victim. I avoid all "authorities" as best I can and would sooner die than EVER pick up the phone and call anyone from The State for "help".

We actually have a few decent cops around here but I make a point of always being where ever the enforcers are NOT. I don't like driving around them, eating at a resturant where any of them are, or attending any event that has a gang of jackbooted thugs hanging around. I have lost all respect for anyone that continues to be an enforcer for the criminals that have taken control of our once great country. (Oath keepers are the exception...if I see an off duty officer wearing an oathkeeper shirt or hat, he gets a hand shake and a pat on the back from me.)