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First off, that's the bar's

First off, that's the bar's fault for letting in a minor. 18 should not be the line. There should be no line. There are 13 year old people that are capable of adulthood, and there are 30 year old people who are more immature than most 13 year old people. The whole thing about pedophiles is that they go after naive children, not just any minor, and especially not ones who are mature for their age. They chase innocence and naivete. Pedos are not so simple themselves, they are just manipulative to make you believe that they are immature or naive. They are predatory psychopaths, and they can not be rehabilitated. Money shouldn't even be wasted on figuring out if we can. They should just be sentenced to death. The behavior, even if they haven't physically done anything, should be shunned and they should still be killed.

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