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Even more interesting response

//Aaron decided to support Ron Paul and he dedicated his organization (all of us at the time) to support him with our WHOLE HEART AND STRENGTH.//

I got that message in 07, but there was no way in Hell, Heaven or Earth could I see myself, my 16 years in the LP and 17 as an Indy, FIGHTING in several states with Nader for open ballots and debates FOR Indy's and third parties. All we ever got was law suits, and I thought, with this huge surge in Indy voter registration, Ron Paul should go for it, especially when Kent Snyder died. But RP didn't leave the GOP.. and it bothered me because as activists, we had so much to offer him.

When he made his second bid, I joined the GOP.. and I wish I had the talent to convey to people what I saw.. I saw the genius, Paul, Benton, Snyder.. Tate.. whoever came up with the idea to take the GOP was brilliant, and I would not have seen it, had I not: "...decided to support Ron Paul ... with my WHOLE HEART AND STRENGTH" To me, that meant, join the GOP. And I have been rewarded for it, and so has everyone who had the honor the become a national Republican delegate, whether we are able to fully appreciate it, based on our wounds from this good fight. I have wounds, we all do, Aaron, Franchi, GOP or not.

//because the movie AFTF drew in UNPRECEDENTED AMOUNTS OF LEFTISTS AND CROSSOVERS. A success unrivalled in history since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. himself.//

Because I volunteered for Nader's campaigns, some might mistake those Libertarians like me (Raimondo) from the left.. but we went Indy, "Decline to State party"/ No Party Preferance, to cross the lines, "Crash the Party", fight the duopoly for more choices and voices,, as a Libertarian I was fed up feeling controlled by the GOP and Clinton's stolen election in 92, was the last straw for me.. I worked with Indy's and people from many different third parties. All we got were law suits. We were censored, abused to the point, in all honesty, Ron Paul's campaign was a cake walk by comparison. To me, it was unprecedented Amounts of Americans who crossed over to come together to fight the "duopoly". Many of the friendly acquaintences I had that were socialists, communists, Greens, Peace and Freedom, were not happy that I chose to help Ron Paul rather than Nader in 07. I did give Nader my 4th vote in 08, but I had supported Ron Paul, just not the GOP.

//So now I can in fact speak for both me and Gary. Personally we support the RP effort but even if we weren't,//

The RP effort... It was my understanding that Kent Snyder is who got Ron Paul to make a run for president in 07/08. I was asked to join the GOP by the campaign(Jeff Greenspan), and I refused. I regret that. The RP effort was to take the GOP, since many are shells occupied by gatekeepers, that if people began showing up, it would be simple/easy to take.. but seems people would rather complain than, get with "the effort".

What was "the effort" to you? Surely more than a message, after all, AR, GF, GJ, TW, PS, TJ, TMOT.. ect all have messages.. it was not the message as much as the INTEGRITY of RP and his ability to stay in the game as long as he did that awed people. His mesage is not easy to understand, and "the effort" in a huge learning curve. Amazing how far he got this past election..

//we are both DUTY BOUND TO DO SO. We promised our bro, we gave our oaths. If I don't uphold this oath, Gary can call me on it and if I don't feel he is upholding this oath, I can call him on it.//

So what does this mean? You join the GOP and get with the "RP effort"? You see to me, who did not know Aaron, it was a really loss and shame that he passed away, because he was a strong voice with AFTF. Would he have joined the GOP? Was he a Republican? What could you possible call each other on other than that? Promoting other's messages, such as P.A.U.L. Fest? Which I don't see as part of the "RP effort", but rather profit off the principles of the well meaning but politically nieve and agitited public.

//We did not promise to uphold the GOP.//

I signed a loyalty oath to the GOP to get my seat, and I voted for Romney, knowing the GOP fought us to lose, ran Romney to lose, because they are a small club of bullies who need to be removed (Democrat Party is a huge group of bullies, and much much harder to work with). I don't feel like I'm "upholding the GOP". I feel like I'm fighting the GOP to secure "liberty candidates".. those who have the goal to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.. but that is not the goal of Franchi.. it may have been Aaron's.. I don't know.. but that is not the goal of the P.AU.L. Fest.. it's just a circus and that is not what I thought AR was all about. I took AR as being genuine, not an opportunist for those who put principles above intelligent principles, considering the players in this battle for the Republic.

//highly doubt you will see us married to the GOP in the future.//

I don't considered myself married to the GOP, but I do respect my elected seat and hope to spend the next two years materializing Ron Paul's message with the other Ron Paul Republicans I have come to enjoy working with.

If it wasn't so much fun being with the RP RepubliCANs, I'm sure apathy would wreck havock with me because the GOP doesn't want us, but truth is, they need help finding their way back whether they like it or not.. so it is a good fight. The shame being we spend more time fighting those who refuse to join the GOP than the GOP.

MN has said that this is a tough bunch.. and they have been attacking Rand, Benton, Tate, even Ron.. but they all USE Mrs Paul as a "link", as if Mrs Paul is the message.

I did not know that all the things I did as grassroots, I can do as a GOP, even better, easier.. I would have never guessed.. but I was never GOP before.. the only idea I had was from MSM, and what others said. Now I know the truth, and I am not afraid, or angry, but very pleased with the "RP effort" because we are winning, despite those who fight us while claiming to believe in Ron Paul.

Thank you for sharing your history, and I enjoyed Russo's work, yet under his conditions, would have gladly remained a fan rather than work for him. I'm still a fan.