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"Luther's view is the view of the Church Fathers."

That sort of begs the question, everyone thinks their view is the view of the church fathers. Where do the church fathers say the presence is "in and through" and what is "in and through" supposed to mean? It seems counter intuitive to create a phrase like that and then say it's meaning is a mystery that nobody should delve into. It's sort of like saying "Your view is wrong, but mine is right, only I can't tell you what my view really is, I can only throw out meaningless phrases which people ought not try to define with any clarity."

"How does God come continually in the Flesh? "

What verse are you talking about? I'm looking at 1st john 4 and seeing 'come' in the tense of '2nd perfect active participle' which is not the imperfect tense. that word can appear in the imperfect tense, but which occurrence are you talking about because I'm not seeing it in that tense.
Besides that, Why should anyone believe that 1st john 4:2-3 is talking about communion as opposed to the incarnation which is what the gnostics were corrupting back then?

"Scriptures above logic. God is not bound by petty human logic. "

again, you don't seem to grasp the basic level at which logic functions. Logic like goodness and truth are reflections of God's character and God doesn't change. With your kind of thinking you might as well say that God is above goodness and fall into euthyphro's dillema, or that he is above truth and fall into a postmodern trap. If the bible seems like it is not good, or false, or illogical, then you are probably looking at it wrong, because God is not the author of confusion. It's sort of a cop out to say logic is unnecessary; There is a difference between something being illogical and something being uncomprehensible. I could understand that God might have some uncomprehensible truth, but to say that he has illogical truth is a contradiction in terms, like a square circle, it's meaningless gibberish. The question about God making a rock so big that he can't lift it is an invalid question which presumes something like a square circle from the start, but you seem to want to answer it anyways without seeing the consequences. If you are correct, then you can make up any fanciful illogical irrational interpretation and say that it's true because scripture is above logic, and there would be no way to reason with you.. To say that your view is above logic is unreasonable by definition. Do you have icons of an incandescent bulb? if it says Jesus is the door then I guess I couldn't reason with you that he doesn't have hinges.

"The Reformed Tradition has literally been bled dry of the Gospel."

What is the gospel to you? eating of physical human flesh and blood continually?

John 6:63 It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life.