Comment: Exactly and it doesn't address some of the core issues globally.

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Exactly and it doesn't address some of the core issues globally.

No one ever mentions that the largest gang and cartels in the world are the US Military, DEA, CIA and all the other 3 letter agencies. I laugh (cry) when I see US soldiers guarding opium crops in Afghanistan while the media makes it out like these peasant farmers are terrorists and causing the problems. It is all about control of the cash. If you think our government wants to leave hundreds of billions of dollars of profit on the table think again. They control the drug supply and cash crop that enables them to finance whatever illicit wars and agendas they have around the globe while blaming it on people who are subsistence level survivors barely making out a living in a harsh environment.

It is an orchestrated system with addicts being created in the inner cities by supplying them with the drugs, which with these substances being illegal force them into being criminals, which are then subject to arrest and imprisonment, thereby growing and allowing the entire corrupt judicial system to profit at the expense of human beings. More prisons, more lobbying to keep the status quo, and all the meanwhile society degenerates further.