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as a Christian

I believe that Atlantis was the world before noahs world wide flood, and that Atlantis is another telling of what we lost due to sin. The giants in those days were people who lived a lot longer due to the earth being far more habitable than it is today, and due to their longevity I would imagine that puberty lasted longer allowing their body to grow bigger, and due to longevity they developed technology far faster than we have, not to mention due to how long they lived they probably had a LOT more children so their infrastructure would have developed a lot faster to. I am sure those people were at least as developed as we are, but after the flood with only eight people and a much shorter life span the people who came off the ark could not develop the infrastructure to build the advances of the civilization that had just been destroyed so now that we are in the place where we have a major infrastructure we are finally building what was here before the flood.