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Comment: No doubt

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No doubt

that is true. I am not trying to alleviate Judas of his guilt in any manner whatsoever, or Saul for that matter, but do Lutherans believe that God did not know all along what their behavior would be and where they would end up? Is pre-knowledge different than predestination? I know that there is a statement by I believe Paul to the effect that God is just in all that He does and the clay pot has no right or authority to ask the potter why he was designed for a certain purpose...some are designed for grand purposes and others not, but all is to the glory of God.

Please don't mind me picking your brain, I am not trying to be argumentative...I have always struggled a little with understanding the line between God's sovereign will and human choice and sometimes where exactly they intersect can be a little unclear...

Like I said, more studying, learning and praying to do I guess...thanks for your responses. :)