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We are all mostly puppets on a string

The ruling class likes people to argue about abortion, gay rights even capital punishment and especially sports anything be bread and butter issues. They like the way Obama stops race riots and to a certain extent even Hispanic anger only by his mulatto ethnicity. They didn’t like it that Obama kept talking about economics so they were planning a Republican Congressional sweep, with Republican Congress, but an Obama Presidency. But suddenly Obama began to play ball, talking about abortion, gay rights, and contraceptives payed for by the taxpayer. They accidentally let Elizabeth Warren slip through. Rick Sanatorium wasn’t actually running for President he was running to keep people arguing about rape and abortion and forget they were the 99%, and off the subject also running to prevent Next Gingrich from becoming President.

As long as Obama plays ball and sticks to hot button issues they can discard the tea party to the garbage can.

In Philly PA RichardKanePA