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Let me clarify

When someone, such as a popular/powerful political figure, endorses something or someone, that directly tells the faithful-followers and others that this thing or person should be considered and/or supported by others.

Works the same in advertising with a swath of the populous. Put a sports-hero, a military hero or some other such influental person up endorsing a cause or a product and it sells.

That's why it is done. That is how it works.

Such endorsements carry a certain block of votes. Such endorsements lend credibility with certain portions of the electorate and definately with the 'party-faithful'. Such endorsement are meant to tell the electorate that this candidate, bill, program or other thing can be trusted and should be supported.

Yea, that's exactly right. The whole point of these episodes in political theater is for the endorsee to get votes from the constituents of the endorser, and vice versa. That's why they do it.

Only those who are either apologists or who are rationalizers and/or justifiers, make the effort to paint an endorsement such as the embracing and advancing of Globalist-Collectivism that Lil' Rand committed, as something of no meaning.

The endorsement doesn't mean that Rand actually agrees with Romney's policies - that was my point, that's what I meant when I said it had "no meaning." Of course it has meaning in a political sense, it has a political purpose, that's why they did it.

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