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You Reinforce a Few of The Points I Made...

One, that the faithful and/or those caught up in the paradigm will and do defend, rationalize and justify the clear lack of principle such an endorsement of globalist-collectivism indicates.

Two, if you hawk the product/person/establishment, you own it,like it or not.

Three, using your own scenario, Lil' Rand is a POS liar and hypocrite, at best.

At least from where I stand.

An excellent analogy/exemplar/illustration of such principle vs endorsement can be viewed in the movie Sgt. York. They tried to trot Alvin York out to endorse a product he knew nothing about, for lots of money, and his principle wouldn't allow him to do so, therefor he decined.

What a concept, eh?

Lil' Rand would have made the endorsement, taken the money and he would have had droves of those like you, ready and willing to step up and rationalize, justify and excuse the clear lack of principle and wrongness.