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it's ok

i watched it a few days ago and meant to post it. my biggest problem is that this seems to be the moderate authoritarian drug warriors realizing they have lost the drug war and trying to prevent the public from totally rebelling and legalizing. listen carefully and you'll hear their solution for not ending the drug war but controlling, profiting and enslaving drug users in re-education camps. they don't call them re-education camps but they say people need to be "rehabilitated" which is the same thing. they have been shifting away from incarceration in jail to incarceration in "treatment facility's" for about 10 years now. authoritarian life long government drug testing and control is what a lot of the "reformers" in this doc are calling for. the money has slowly been shifting from jails to treatment and there is a hell of a lot more money to be made in the "forced" treatment racket. i wonder if Clinton or any of the other moderate prohibitionist are invested in the treatment industry?

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