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Comment: I'll take the highroad with your comment & turn the other cheek.

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I'll take the highroad with your comment & turn the other cheek.

I point out something to you that you can improve upon and learn from, and you turn around and make a condescending comment back to me. Have your Bible studies taught you this or did you learn this somewhere else? I am not an atheist, and I do believe in God, a merciful compassionate, and loving God. A don't believe in a God that killed babies, pregnant women, men, women, children, or animals at anytime in history. A don't believe in a God that spares 32,000 virgins for the sake of the soldiers of Moses. I believe in a consistent, logical God who is unchangeable and who is manifested in the structure of Nature and the Universe.

You comment about God not wanting the gospel spread to certain parts of the world is rubbish! Ever read Mark 16:15?

And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

I am of the opinion that there could a true word of God contained in the Bible, but there are parts of the Bible that are surely not the word of God. The Bible was voted on by voting clergy members who had a vested interest in their vote. Some books were thrown out. Other were voted in; the votes are all cast by men.