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i hate the liberals here who bash rand and give a pass to kucinich and hillary and harry stink up the house reid. kucinich sold out obammyscare on AF 1. not a peep. rand "supports" the republican nominee, and never endorsed him, but they go crazy!!!! freaking retards.
they pluck at republicans like rand paul but say nothing about their repugnant heros who they would support in a min. go to the rand vs kucinich thread.. here they are saying dennis married ron paul!!lol
I cant make it up. Just because ron is nice to someone like GJ or DK, liberals run the "rons a good friend, or ron just about endorsed" when nothing of the kind is fact. ron will NEVER run with dennis kucinich and HATES how kucinich views the constitution.

obama just signed the ndaa and is all the libs can talk about is rand voted yes, and he explained his position which is a worthy and consistent constitutional position and the confused libs here oh,
its just sickening and they make me sick is all. it started 6 mos ago when i realized the liberals here tried to usurp pauls rally with gjtardfest, ever since then ive been pissed!
libs need to stay the hell away from ron and rand paul. they infect everything they get involved in and are mindless MORONS who are not conservative, constitutional or even know anything about economics which ron paul taught them all and gave them their current knowledge and THEY STILL CANT SEE.
im tired of morons.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016