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I appreciate the advice.. You

I appreciate the advice.. You really caught my attention when you said get a job in a developing country. I have been a Ron Paul fan for the past two years and I have finally put everything together that he has been trying to tell us for so long. I guess you can say I'm "awake" now.. Wouldn't getting a job with a company in one of the countries that our government etc are profiting from go against the principles that Mr. Paul speaks? I mean, who wouldn't take all of that money that our government is dishing out on oversees projects and stuff? If I cant make a difference in what we are doing oversees, other than informing people, then I might as well try to get a job in the oil business or something if we are going to keep expanding our military presence in the world and stealing other country's resources..

On the other hand, I worry that we are going to go bankrupt and all hell break loose and nothing I worked for mean anything. I know I have to live my life, but I find myself constantly worrying about what we are doing oversees and the plans that our government and others have for the world. I know there are good people in our government, but I feel as if there are more bad than good.

I graduated from LSU with a general studies degree. I am thinking about staying and maybe taking business school, but with this public education system that our government controls, I don't know if I can take anymore manipulation knowing what I know...If you know what I mean...

Something has sparked in me these past few months. Ever since listening to Ron Paul and following him the last 2 years, I found myself all of the time, wanting to LEARN. I am fascinated by learning history because of Paul. Just the other day everything hit me and now all that I care about is learning. If you know me, you know that learning and school is the last thing that I want to do. It is just crazy how one person can light your candle and it burn as bright as mine right now..

I want to do something that will enable me before I die to empact people in a positive way. I like telling people about what Paul has taught me, but I hate that most people think you are crazy. But there really isn't any other way to explain it without some zombie thinking you are nuts.. Lord give me the courage.....