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good post there emalvini and

the video is missing a part of the problem. A big part. The doctors are not needed. Unless you have a major malfunction and need their emergency help. And notice they show VCO (virgin coconut oil) added to the Quaker Oats. The problem? The Oats. Grains contain gluten and mycotoxins that prevent the uptake of minerals within the same meal.

We have been told that running on ketones is bad and that running on carbs is better. However the ketones are glucose made from fats (like in VCO) and protein and it is made when the body needs it. Most folks eat high carbs and there is too much sugar in the blood and insulin is dispatched to bring it down because sugar is bad for the body.

Near the end of the video they mention a "better" way in the form of ketone ester and they need millions of dollars to make it work. Ha Ha. Why wait for the expensive lab stuff when you can eat VCO now and for cheap. But of course it protects their jobs and they need funding.

VCO is excellent. The cholesterol they mention could be a ruse too. Our body creates cholesterol as it needs it to make repairs. We panic and visit a doctor and they give us drugs to lower our cholesterol (which rarely if ever works) and causes more problems which they are happy to give another drug for.

Alzheimer's is just one of many (civilized maladies) that can be helped (cured) by real food.

To summarize we should eat natural foods high in fat, moderate protein and low, low carbs and the body will use it all where needed to bring our health back.

Thanks again for the post and video. I needed a laugh.