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Who houses the global bankers, WE DO so why not go after us; although the question arises about Germany's own globalist bankers, I wonder what happened to them. I believe Hitler went after these bastards the only way he could by doing what you listed; why else kill the ethnic groups that you believe are behind your downfalls. WWI was orchestrated by the European elite/bankers regarding the BAGHDAD RAILWAY and oil markets at the turn of the 19th century, I plead you all to look into it. Maybe I'm wrong and look like a total dick but maybe I'm right; take a look into German propaganda, watch the film DIE ROTHSCHILD, study WWI you might get a different look. I also believe the whole Arayn super race Hitler wanted was maybe why he extended his groups to gypsies and handi-caps ect. Hitler was indeed a mad man and hes legacy is dark but you must look at all issues from both sides; I can't seriously believe one man inspired a country to conquer Europe and the world on the bases of race and superiority. Certain players and key elements have been proven to be behind many wars so why not the biggest one of them all.