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I agree. But I try and not

I agree. But I try and not let it anger me. Stay focused. Most of these libs don't make a difference in the outcome of politics either way. It is peeps like us who actually get in the game and make real change. We are the ones taking over the GOP and electing our liberty candidates. We are the ones who did precisely what Ron Paul instructed us to do. We didn't jump ship when times got hard. We are the ones who will win in the end.

They live in a dream world. They think their is going to be a bloody revolution and the people will rise up. They are wrong.

We win the revolution with politics and we elect people who can play the game. That is precisely what Rand is doing.

Soon enough the libs will catch on. We won't win by shouting Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul. We win by playing ball. We become the ball players.