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I have no vendetta against Gary personally (nor, of course, against anyone defending him). I do feel a little energized, though, when it comes to opening people's eyes about his behavior, because of the comments he made in his 'Justin Amash Romney endorsement' hit piece from my second link above. He seems to have no problem saying that no one outside of RevPAC was putting in any real effort to get Ron Paul elected. That's just asking for people to come after him. And when he spends his time making 'news' like that Rand attack, he should expect to be called out for his betrayal of the Movement.

I'm not doubting that Gary believes in the goals of Dr. Paul and the Liberty Movement. It just seems that he's put his own place within the Movement above its actual success. His immature attacks on those who are known to refuse to work with him lead one to believe that he is producing such pieces about Rand and Amash not to hold them accountable to the ideals of Liberty, as he claims, but rather as a retaliation for his rocky relationships with the leaders of Liberty. Regardless of what is true about his overhead percentage, I don't remember RevPAC donors being notified that their money would be going toward garbage like that. Tucker Carlson wasn't funding his hit pieces with the money of passionate supporters of Liberty - to my knowledge, at least.

I understand that RevPAC did in fact contribute to Dr. Paul's success, especially with their 'Compassion' ad. I also understand that claims that Gary simply pocketed 83% of the money for himself are likely not true. Just as your instinct was to defend Gary, mine was to defend the integrity of those trusted by principled advocates of Liberty. When I saw so many coming to Gary's defense, I took the opportunity to get as many people as possible to take a step back and ask themselves whether the man behind that desk peddling stories about drugs and hookers as actual 'news' is someone to whom we should be encouraging advocates of Liberty to donate resources.

We all fall victim to such "tribalism". Dr. Paul is too unique - and his ideas too powerful - for us not to.

"Every group of people with an unusual goal—good, bad, or silly—will trend toward the cult attractor unless they make a constant effort to resist it."

Let's try to keep a clear head and do our best to direct that energy toward our real enemies.