Comment: i haven't voted because

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i haven't voted because

I think it is a silly choice. There is no way Kucinich will ever get the Democratic nomination. And, I don't think Kucinich is anti-liberty on 90% of things. That is crazy. Oh I suppose it depends on how much duplication and how long a list your issues are I suppose.

Many people here won't vote for Rand Paul for the same reason they wouldn't vote for Gary Johnson. Because he isn't Ron Paul. I would stop worrying about getting Rand Paul votes on this forum and start worrying about getting him votes in the general populous if you want him elected.

One more thing, with Kucinich you know what you are getting. Integrity counts for something. I voted for him once and would again. I might vote for Rand Paul in the future. Time will tell. But, currently I'd rather vote for someone like Gary Johnson who is suited to be or has been be in a n executive position. Or better yet someone like Ron Paul who leads by example.