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Comment: lol it would not "coLLapse"..

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lol it would not "coLLapse"..

the reason so few smart home-growns are attracted to silicon valley is because there's no profit there.. this isn't the internet dotcom age of the 90s.. since nasdaq bubble burst the real wealth in america measured by commodity prices have been going down in real terms.. there's no just going in and start a company and resell for hundreds of millions before it comes down like during the bubble ages.. that is why there aren't many interested in the so-called 'science and technology'.. you might make decent money if you're the head of google or you're an investor there. as some salary-taker? forget about it. i know a ron paul supporter with decades of experience in one of the top companies in that industry and he makes more money from buying silver and gold than he does taking salary, which doesn't move much from year to year. unless you're the head of some entrepreneurial team that came up with a new product that makes a killing. in these time and age, what are the chances? nice hyperbole here mr. phd.. full of shit