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people can home-learn everything these days, if profit were really lucrative in the so-called 'science and tech' field these days, people would self-study and flood there in droves. where are people going instead these days? duh, of course, law and banking. that's where the money is these days, thanks to crony capitalism. i admit america's public school system here has a problem, but that doesn't mean somehow rest of the world are geniuses. they're just taking the jobs no one wanted because it takes too much training aka more debt and too little profit return ratio. remember, we're talking about salaries, a dead paycheck, not some percentage bonus base of a billion dollar corporation you get as some CEO. i get profit off investing, i have no idea how someone can work day in and out for a dead-set paycheck, to me, it sounds like no-future. i promise if physics were somehow the infinite-profit, bright path to this society's future, i would waste no time getting into it instead of learning financial skills and how to invest. a physicist tells you why fields like his, on which he makes a living, is important to you.. tell me something more predictable