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Things will get better for Rand with time.

Remember that Rand hasn't been on the scene all that long compared to his father. With a good chunk of the DP being pure Libertarians and/or Anarchists etc supporting Ron was already a compromise for them. These folks have learned with good reason to be skeptical and their trust is not easily gained. With Rand coming out of the gate in stealth libertarian mode (hopefully) he has not demonstrated to them the steadfastness of conviction that initially led them to the Paul camp.

I believe as Rand starts to amass some victories (NDAA for example) the movement, or at least the more pragmatic amongst us, will start to re-evaluate the merits of his approach. That is assuming that he does get those victories prior to '16. A lot of things have to go the right way prior, and it starts with him stumping for liberty candidates in the next cycle and really doing the work in the trenches to rally and organize the roots.

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