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I would have voted for

I would have voted for Kucinich in 2008 (had I been a Democrat and had I been 18 in time for the election). But the very same, I would have voted for McCain--if only because I believed that Obamacare was worse than endless wars. On Tuesday, November 4th, 2008--at around 11PM--my entire campus went up in cheers for hours on end. I said, and I quote, "And there goes the country." I think I was right, even if I had some faulty premises.

Now, however, over 4 older and 4 years wiser, I think both were bad choices--and the choices repeated this year. So far as the future goes, I am leaning much more towards Justin Amash than I am towards Rand Paul. Amash has proven he's unwilling to make a deal when it compromises his integrity. I respect Rand Paul for sticking to his word, but he corrupted some of his principles in saying it in the first place. I would have liked if he was the same as his father, Justin Amash, and Walter Jones--all congressmen who abstained from endorsing any nominee. If he would have done just that--I would have had more respect for him and his seriousness towards the liberty movement.

I like compromise--but only when both parties do it in the most limited way possible. What I hate is the country today--because the anti-war Left are asleep and the anti-war Right are, to a great extent, now hypocrites. We can name the exceptions quite easily--Congressmen and Senators who either voted against Afghanistan or Iraq or the PATRIOT Act or have, over the course of years, made amends for their initial votes.