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thanks for your questions

Some, or many people says that JB is a pos, but I think that is much too polite. Have listened to the JB video twice now, and it isn't much substance there I can comment on. It goes like kook, racist newsletters, kook, racist newsletters, etc.

The video link I gave attempts to answer how the plane myth was born. The main point is that almost all the first - and very crucial - eyewitnesses were senior media people. You can check this yourself in the TV Archive here:

It was important to get the story on the right track as early as possible, or create the wanted perception of the reality. Their weapon is their reporting. They wanted and needed planes with foreign hijackers and victims to launch the perpetual WoT.

Here are all crash videos listed - so people have looked into this:

Again, I highly recommend that Holmes interview:

I don't like the term inside job so much. OK, it was an inside job, and whats next? Yes, inside job, and? I'll let some real sheep illustrate this position:

Don't know about JFK.

Here is a really nice recap of my views on this operation - really nice - No planes at the World Trade Center and why the movement will always hide this fact at all costs. By James Sloan: