Comment: Who are YOU RP2012RP and Pollman?

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Who are YOU RP2012RP and Pollman?

I checked out the information you pointed to in your comments and then looked at the contact information at

I'm not real impressed with what I found about KEN ADACHI who I think is now dead but is shown as the editor of the site. I have no way of knowing who is providing disinformation here but the research I've quickly done on Ken Adachi is pretty disturbing.

"Ken Adachi is a government stooge who lies to the public to make his living. He also publishes the outrageous lies of his fellow government flunkies.

Adachi is a shill for ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson and he supports and endorses the whole gaggle of government minions being used by Gunderson in his COINTELPRO-style operations."

So, I checked the DP Profiles of both RP2012RP and Pollman and was not impressed with that information either. RP2012RP has not a single post since joining this site...and only a few replies that follow a trend. Pollmans profile is not empty but the posts and replies are suspect to me.

One thing is for sure...I am looking for the truth in a SEA of lies and disinformation. I'm going to do more research on the Major in the video I posted but everything he said is consistent with my YEARS of research from a countless varity of sources.

I worked as a network administrator on a local AFB for over 10 years and for most of those years I would have bet my life our Government would never have been involved with the kinds of things I started finding out. The more I found out...the stranger my job description became and one day out of the blue, after 10 years and close to 50 professional service awards...I was laid off for "sexual harrassment". The woman I was accused of sexually harassing was an overweight white woman, married to a black man, had 2 children, she wore an earing in her nose, and had a tatto on her neck. I'm not saying that nose rings or tattoos are an indicator of anything per fact I wear an ear ring and I have 2 tattoos...but my point is, I've been happily married for over 25 years and the woman I was accused of sexually harassing was so far from "my type" that its laughable. My crime was putting a herseys kiss candy on her desk while she was gone to lunch...and this was durning christmas when I put those on many peoples desks...even mens. I also was not offically terminated for sexual harassment...I was told that I was not going back on base and they would be "nice" and put on the paperwork that my position had been eliminated from the task order. They said it would allow me to draw unemployment. Corporate knew the allegations against me were false but they said it was out of their hands...they were directed by the commander of the wing to remove me from the base.

My point here is it is very difficult to know who to trust. I trust myself and I held a secret clerance for almost 10 years. I was at my desk on base on 9/11/01. We all watched the events of that day unfold in a conference room on a 20 foot HD projection TV. Like I said...I'll do more research on the Major...but the source you provided doesnt do anything but muddy the water.

I can't vouch for the messenger in the video...but I can vouch for the message.