Comment: 1/2 the people I know are now getting EBT cards

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1/2 the people I know are now getting EBT cards

If thats not bad enough, because the FED is debasing our currency and the price of FOOD AND ENERGY are increasing almost daily...most of them say they run out of money on their card a week or 10 days before it gets reloaded again.

Right or wrong, I sometimes think its a good thing that people are stealing money back from the State. I'd feel bad if I thought my grandchildren or the unborn would actually have to pay it back, but there is no way this monotary system holds up for much longer. I thought it would have gone bust by now so I'm back to saying it can't last another 10 years but it could come tomorrow. Only the criminals who are directing the wealth transfer know the timing.

Either way, since it has got to crash before it affects the next generation too badly...maybe everyone should do like the criminals in DC and just start pillaging the public purse too? Seems like it would bring an end to the whole disgusting system sooner would it not?