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The trouble with your grand

The trouble with your grand strategy theory is that it ignores the ample evidence of Rand's pure opportunism including the needless cruelty to his father in 2008 e.g the announcement on Hannity, who had LED the chair to smear his dad, the failure to lift a finger at the state conventions, etc.

Even you are right, however. Rand is on a fool's errand. The Hannitys and Becks (who he is very much targeting for support) are never going to throw their support to an "unreliable" person like Rand. In the end, they will choose a down the line pro-Israel warmonger like Rubio. Also, Rand can never tap into the enthusiasm of the Ron Paul foot troops. For your grand stategy to work, Rand needs both.

The current rightwing praise of Rand is not to be taken seriously. They only like Rand to the extent that he can undercut the Ron Paulites and antiwar libertarians. Nothing more. Rand is their useful idiot.