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depth of a 16 year old

what if a few regulation roll-backs were thrown in to the mix? in reality that'll never be acceptable, but if you proposed it, at least you can tell dems and gop 'look, i proposed a condition for the extra tax you wanted, but it's your side that refused to negotiate' you achieve your goal while avoid being called obstructionist, but in reality you're still obstructing against more spending, which is our goal anyway, right?

your 'no' seems much more based on face, because you have already chosen a side and want to establish your face, rather than a black and white situation. it's easy to sit at home and do that

all this is just talk, and talk can be anything. conservatives can easily set a request for government rollback never acceptable to dems and the gop as condition for tax hike, just to dare the other side to engage. it can be done in so many ways. that's why it's important to know whether the person you vote for still has his heart in the right place and not possess the depth of a 16 year old