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Time remains. But to question my efforts will be fruitless.

I was not fortunate to be a delegate. Prior to primaries I worked my a&& off in every way possible, thousands of literature prepared and distributed, in my state as well as neighboring. I created delegate slips and distributed to other precinct workers in all of my Congressional District. I worked morning until night at two of the largest precincts in my county, all 3 of Ron Paul delegates won hands down. I have created a movie DVD and coordinated mailing them out, along with comparison sheet and dear delegate letter, to all delegates going to Tampa (thank you to those who have helped). I went to Tampa on my dime and assisted rides and other things.

I am now involved in Campaign for Liberty, attend committee meetings, and others, and have brought people into our movement.

I applaud your efforts and wish you well. But to question what I have done and continue to do for this movement will be pointless. FYI: Being heavily involved in this process nationwide, I discovered Ron Paul delegates who were stealth for mitt/rick; one in Ohio, one in Kentucky, and two in WV. I called them out and informed the true RP delegates.

So, you see where we are at an empass.

My goal is to convince people to vote based upon record after a FULL vetting process, and NOT some popularity contest. I have been working on comparison sheets and will provide them when done. But it seems that people here are not interested in debate to select the best Liberty, Freedom, candidate possible and have already made up their minds. Ron Paul has not even begun his speaking tour yet.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul