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The carbon tax

is mostly benign. No, I'm not saying that those at the top aren't using it to promote their agenda. I'm saying that the majority of those throughout the lower ranks are doing it because they genuinely believe it's the right thing to do.

This really isn't so much different than the bad economic players in the lower ranks who are making similarly bad decisions on the macro level just to survive on the micro level.

Both systems are designed very intentionally to have exactly that effect. Because of scarcity of wealth (at his level), anyone from the bottom up 9/10ths of the social ladder cannot give in and do something that might harm his future net worth path. Similarly, those who see the really devastating climate info are just going along with the carbon tax because they don't know of an alternative that could work.

The good news with both these problems, is that the solutions can come from the ground up and as they begin to be adopted, the entire system sees exponentially increasing benefits. Just like sound money will help the inflation problem, distributed and renewable energy will help the oil cartel monopoly problem.

We definitely need to kill the carbon tax scheme, just like the fiat/debt monetary scheme, but "end the fed" isn't going to do it in time. We need to show the world all the ways we can get off our perpetual 'monthly rent of services' model and begin trading them for a 'buy once, own and benefit forever' model.

Oh, and btw, the Hindenburg was Hydrogen #1.