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Comment: I didn't know Jamie Foxx had such a lovely singing voice

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I didn't know Jamie Foxx had such a lovely singing voice

I didn't know Jamie Foxx had such a lovely singing voice, to tell you the truth. Absolutely beautiful.

And I expected much worse from him on the black thing.

Expect worse from black actors and commentators as we head into the next couple of years. Because poverty and vice are heading through the roof, especially among blacks and other minorities.

Foxx was right. The first half of Obama's presidency was his white half: his rich, fat white Wall Street Banker half, that is to say.

Obama's next term will be his black half: His incredibly corrupt, African dictator a la Mugabe Sese-Seko half.

The black middle class is hanging by a thread. During the Bush years, the number of black entrepreneurs skyrocketed to a record. But these businesses and the wealth they generated were hopelessly leveraged with subprime loans.

These have ceased since 2008, and the result are record numbers of failing black businesses. The only thing propping up the black middle class are government jobs. Blacks are very much overrepresented in the government, and these are the last source of good paying middle class salaries for blacks.

Obama will make cuts to the federal workforce in order to bail out Wall Street (that is, avoiding the fiscal cliff) and this will hit blacks harder than any other group.

They just don't see it coming.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"