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Maybe you don't know it but...

Federal employees have had their pay frozen for three years in a row, and most agencies are going through major budget reductions which affect travel et al. Also there is a large and growing trend of reducing staffing of federal workers and budget cutting of contracts (and contract employees in the process) almost across the board.

As a federal employee in DC, I'm living in the middle of this situation right now - and it's tough for everyone. What I find troubling is that people like you have a concept in your mind that federal employees are not Americans. We are. I believe and support the notion that government should be limited and small, but I don't accept the idea that government employees should have a "bare bones" work environment. You have to actually like your job to do it efficiently and effectively.

How 'bout we stop blowing people up all over the world and sending our citizen's stolen money to prop up dictators and pay for foreigner's abortions before cutting anything that directly affects Americans first???