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rand paul came on the scene 2 years ago.
dennis has been there for 20yrs..
rand is essentially neck and neck with one of americas biggest libs.
that speaks volumes
it was kucinich who sold out libtards on single payer inside AF 1...
dennis had it in his power to bring it to another vote which harry reid couldnt send it back to the house. it barely passed as a MANDATE the first time.
dennis sold out and it was sent to the pres. desk as a MANDATE NOT A TAX.
then midstream before the SCOTUS got a hold of it, the administration flipped and called it a tax and roberts agreed, which it was a tax.
the problem?
any tax levied on the american people has to go back to the house for reconciliation and that never happened.. why? wait for it..
because they called it a mandate at that time- even though it was a tax.
harry didnt want to send back to the house- so this legislation can be challenged and will be abolished if the right attys get a hold of it.
roberts was smart to agree and call it a tax.
all we have to do is go back and see if the TAX was passed properly through the house as the constitution mandates.
dennis the sell out culd have used his power to demand it be brought back to the house instead folded inside AF1 and disappointed all his followers and ron has never spoken to him again.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016