Comment: Listening to the Silver Link

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Listening to the Silver Link

I got to the part where the speaker suggests that "they" are stupid; meaning that the "central planners" or PTB are stupid, making mistakes, etc.

I stopped listening after that; how wrong can a person get if a person thinks that the most powerful people are "making mistakes" each time "they" try to fix the problem?

How does that work in a person's mind?

"They" have earnings, surplus wealth, credit, debt, whatever you want to call, or accurately measure the POWER flowing from those who produce it to those who steal it and then use the stolen loot to steal more, that "they", yes "they", "they" are trying to fix that problem where "they" keep filling their bank accounts up with more and more zeros, while "they" keep draining the bank accounts of everyone else, and "they" are trying to fix that problem?

"They" can't seem to ever find the right way to fix that problem as their bank accounts keep growing larger and everyone else has bank accounts that are growing smaller.

"They" appear to be going the wrong way, each new attempt to fix the problem results in the problem getting worse, where "they" have their bank accounts filling up even faster and everyone else has their bank accounts draining faster.

"They" can't seem to fix this:

"They" are too stupid to fix that effectively, measurably, so as to employ what power they have to accurately remedy that problem?