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I initially got frustrated too

Then I started my own facebook group. That grew well until I, once again, realized that all the members wanted to do was to complain and collect/share info. No one wanted to act on anything.

This led me down a different road. I formulated a plan where we could entice people to do the right thing by attracting them with the very things we complain about being their motivations now. In other words, if people want to be greedy and selfish and only interested in cool, shiny things, then we give those things to them. If people only make purchasing decisions based on the cheapest rollback prices, then we give those to them also.

I gathered all the needs of people and found businesses that supply those things in shiny packages and cheaper (owned vs. payments). Each of them now exists and can be had for cheaper than today's family costs.

I then gathered all the rest we think we need, like cell phones or healthcare or media or insurance, etc. I either found companies that offer a solution or I produced a plan to do so.

Either way, all of these can be done by a small group of people each to provide a self sustaining business that will spread prosperity to those who (cough) fall for their shiny low prices.

In this way, people will be getting off the debt train while becoming self sustaining (think off the grid in every aspect one at a time) and all the profits that used to go to the big banks will now stay in the communities.