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"how is dennis anti est. pray

"how is dennis anti est. pray tell? he sold out the fed audit bill and single payer obabcare!!"
Most Daily Paulers view him as anti-establishment because of his rhetoric and so gravitate towards him, as with other socialists like Jesse Ventura, Angus King and Bernie Sanders. As you have said, he is not.

"and i doubt very seriously you speak for a "majority of DP'ers"
doubt VERY seriously."
I do. Look at the polls I've posted and those that A Real Conservative has posted. This site is teeming with socialists, social democrats, social liberals and progressives.

"nice to see you admit you would support a socialist though.
I always knew you were one."
1) Where exactly did I admit I would support a socialist?
2) You didn't know me before this comment exchange, so I don't understand how you "always knew I was one".

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