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It may or may not be infiltraitors. It could also be some who are innocently naive.

1. I will not vote based upon popularity contests.

2. I will not make excuses why a politician votes a certain way. He/she either votes Liberty, Freedom, the Constitution, or he/she does not. Lowering of standards is what got this nation into the screwed up mess that it is in.

3. I will take all voting records and determine who stands by principle, Liberty, Freedom.

4. I will cast my vote accordingly. If not on the ballot, I will stand by my own principle and will write-in, just as I did for Ron Paul.

This movement continues to grow. Ron Paul will be on speaking tour. This is not overnight, but rather promoting Liberty by speaking and living it, and working local/state in order to effect future outcomes.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul