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I should have laid out my point better

I was not suggesting we need to switch to a different type of money (a la competitive vs. fraud or fiat). I was suggesting that our first step should be to not worry so much about what money we use but to instead, change where we get it.

If we get it from a bank or investor, the business we start up is in debt and will forever stay there. The costs of paying interest (sic) on that debt will keep said business forever in times of tough competition.

If we, for example, started our business from a co-op or crowd funding round, there is no long term debt. There is no administration control over how things are done so overhead is reduced. There is a sense of community and local prosperity so marketing is reduced (especially in a local based business). There are lots of expenses that virtually go away when you don't have a board of directors and a hoard of shareholders. This means you can cut both prices and raise wages - both things that foster yet more business and community. This is how the mom&pop shops have ran for centuries. They went away when a) they got suckered into going public and b) when their customers opted for long distanced quantity products over their local quality ones. Without debt based financing, businesses like this can return.

This process can be started by a single individual in a community and the prosperity he brings to himself, his employees and his customers will make it easier for the next person to do the same. I believe this would be much easier to get going than to persuade lots of people to start using JoBucks in place of dollars.