Comment: False reporting much?

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False reporting much?

Isn't a false report a felony? If Lori Sotelo made an official false report that's recorded on dispatch, can't we put Lori away for a little bit of jail time?

I know most people here just want Lori out of the way, but, to me, she is one of the many faces of the true enemy of the United States. She represents (again, to me) everything that is wrong with our Country: deception. Non-truth. Half-truths. Non-transparency. Blah-blah-blah over and over, again and again, round and round. Poof, nothing happens. I'm sick of this script.

Why isn't anyone calling for an ARREST of Lori Sotelo? This woman is BLATANTLY destroying our democracy by breaking the law, yet, we want to "move on" and just vote the better guy in. We need to STOP that kind of thinking because it hinders our progress.

I want to take Lori Sotelo AWAY FROM HER FAMILY and put her in prison to set the example. I don't understand how no one has advocated this yet, or, more importantly, why we don't come together to ARREST people like this.

Lima-1, out.

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